Sunshine, showers and rainbows

I haven’t written anything on here in over a month. I have wanted to so many times but have found it really hard to put my words on the page. In fact I had written two blogs but ended up deleting them because they just seemed silly. Since my last post I have been coping quite well with my anxieties and have probably spent 80% of the time feeling happy and loved. I think I was a little scared that by writing a blog post I would encourage myself to think about my anxieties and in turn get sucked into the trap again. Although I want to commit to this platform and upload regularly to help myself and others alike, I think it is good for me to let myself be stuck in my bubble of happiness when it lands on my lap, because I know it won’t last forever.

For now, I am so grateful for the positivity in my life and I am holding on to it with everything I’ve got! I can never solve the mystery of what has triggered the positive mood but when it’s good, its amazing. It’s as if I have an on/off switch and somebody flicks it off whenever they fancy punishing me…thanks very much to the culprit who controls it! Don’t get me wrong though, the sunny weather has definitely helped to improve my level on the happiness scale! As I sit here on this cloudy, overcast day, I feel so grateful for the past few weeks of good weather and precious time with friends and family. So for that I will sit here and sip on a cold Gin and Tonic and be proud of my achievements…cheers!




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